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Around 25 years later, here we are…

Besides this story being uniquely ironic and continuously overlooked, we put this  together because we knew it would put a smile on everyones’ face…and it’s doing just that. We can all look back and say man, those were the best times ever…If you think about it, we are all very blessed to still be in one piece, to still have functioning neck muscles, and to still be around to watch this, considering how hard we were living…

It is NOW, the present day and age in which we are watching this that really makes it so special…to re-live the days of the time in our lives when nothing else mattered but our music, being free-spirited kids in our twenties in a much simpler life, the absolute absurdity of what we were all doing, and how we thought about doing it.

My “career” in leading Overkill into the as-then unknown was not very long, but nonetheless, a success. After I reached ALL of my dreams in the world of rock-n-roll, I bailed…un-regrettably…so I wouldn’t wind up dead. As kids in the 80’s, all the death and corpse stuff was cool, but I was about to actually become one…(make sure you listen to the directors commentary track in the movie). We have received a lot of feedback about how eye-opening all these experiences might be for the present day ‘digital’ musicians…Even though your paths to success might not be quite as difficult as ours were, the core philosophy of success will always still remain the same: never be discouraged. Disappointments are part of your learning, you must experience “bad” times to appreciate the “good”. Stay determined, optimistic, and focused. You are born with a gift, so go and use it. Music is an outlet to fulfill your creativity, not your wallet. Follow your heart, and have fun, but always remember: All of the great artists who lost their lives to drugs and drinking really thought they were “just partying”…

We are very thankful to be able to share this with everyone.
Thank you for watching.
-Rat Skates and Lori DeAngelis-Kundrat, May 12, 2007

Now, be societies’ biggest rebel and go and help someone…

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