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Written and Performed by Rat Skates

Featuring music by: Twisted Sister, The Dead Boys, Overkill, The Lubric*nts, Bomb Squad, Without End, Osmium.
Narrated by: Master Chris Antonucci
Interviews by: Ralph Iovino

DVD Release Date: 05/12/07
Directed by: Lori DeAngelis-Kundrat
Rated: Not yet rated by the MPAA. Parental Advisory issued by the Producers’ for mature language and situations
Genre: Documentary, Autobiography, Music History, Culture
Subtitles: French, Spanish, German
Original Language: English
Format: 4:3 Aspect NTSC
Regions: All
Audio: Dolby Digital AC-3
Run Time: 1 hour 6 minutes (feature)
Distributor / Studio: Kundrat Productions, LLC

Audio commentary includes analysis of the film’s origin and statement. Experiences of the era, in-depth thoughts and stories serve as a unique “documentary” of it’s own.

Fully captioned main feature in French, Spanish and German.

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