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“The independent spirit”

Kundrat Productions is a production studio in the coastal area of Southern New Jersey, founded in 1999 by Lee and Lori Kundrat.

Our initial business model was of the ”what we can do for you” type; primarily the execution of the mechanical, task-oriented endeavors of our corporate clients through pre-scripted TV commercials and scripts from ad agencies. We have always focused entirely on the quality of the end result and integrity of the production, rather than focusing on trying to just maintain an impressive equipment list. The requests for writing and design has steadily morphed well past the limited “for hire” status, and now a well-balanced marriage of production technology and implementing our creative element/ vision exists; having established partnerships and alliances with other filmmakers, we are writers working with other writers, independents working with other independents. Every project encompasses a long-term “investment” type philosophy, as opposed to the hourly rate-card approach.

In 2005, a state of the art control room and performance room were constructed to address the highly overlooked “environmental” production needs of digital filmmaking. Through the engineering concepts of leading acoustic designers such as Russ Berger and Walter Storyk, the studio rooms were constructed and acoustically treated to provide a sonically accurate audio/ visual monitoring environment specifically for digital filmmaking. The exterior and divisional walls were constructed to acheive minimal sound transmission loss, resulting in a world-class STC rating of 65-70. This provides an extremely isolated and peaceful atmosphere where writers and designers can productively create and work in a dedicated facility.

The performance room was created for voice-over work, music performances/ tracking individual instruments, and is also adapted for interview-set style taping.

As the high-definition DV format technologies are now essentially reaching a stabilization point, our control room is currently transitioning to HD shooting/ acquisition and editing, 5.1 surround mixing, and completing acoustical treatments. As we are primarily self-contained, we have always internally addressed the writing, camera, graphic, lighting, audio, editing, conversion/ encoding and delivery needs of our projects. All of the production aspects encompassed in our newest DVD release “Born in The Basement” were self-contained. The “DIY” tradition is still our core philosoph